Bradlee Family Genealogy

As the wealth of information began to accumulate about the family it quickly became obvious that I needed some good software to handle this task. It soon became apparent that "Family Tree Maker" from Banner Blue Software was to be my choice for maintaining the master database.

To create both of the Indexes and the Genealogical pages they link to, I am utilizing GED2HTML, A GEDCOM to HTML Translator program by Eugene W. Stark.

Surname Icon

The Surname Index

This index contains all Surnames found in the Bradlee Family tree. This is the Entry Point to the entire genealogical database that is developing on this server based on Surname.

Name Index Icon
The Person by Name Index

This index lists all the persons in the database with links to each associated personal page. This index cross-references the entire Database and their relations by Name in alphabetic order.

It should be noted that all birth dates designated as "About" are estimated based on the birth/marriage dates of the parents or other descendants. These "ABT" dates are provided only to make the estimating the person's approx. generation easier.

As of 5/25/98 there were 4177 people representing 1394 families in the current database, these numbers change from time to time as more families' report in. I am now generating an Experimental GenWeb Index file which will allow the cross indexing our family with the other genealogical databases on the net.

On that note, I was contacted by Robert C. Bradley who has compiled a listing of over 1500 relatives, most from colonial New England (Hartford, Tolland, Saybrook). Prominent names include: Bradley, Post, Foote, Whitfield, Delano, Lathrop, Hyde, Warrent, Fitch, many others.

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