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Sun To Sun LP/CD

After releasing five albums on Restless Records and covering NYC with graffiti, blood, destruction and mythos, FBI phone taps, police investigations tying them to the Tompkins Square Park riots, and a three day exposé on Channel 2 News, Missing Foundation finally disbanded as mysteriously as they appeared. Few members emerged unscathed.

Mark Ashwill, founding member of MF, did return to making music as vocalist and composer for the Spitters, originally a recording project with producer Jim Waters (Sonic Youth, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Shonen Knife, Dim Stars, etc.). Other musicians who played with the Spitters in their embryonic form include Judah Bauer (The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion), Link Benka (Shotgun Wedding), and Rebecca Gaffney (Emma Peel).

Keeping the dangerous edge for which Missing Foundation was so notorious, the Spitters played their final gig with Cop Shoot Cop and Motherhead Bug at the Grand in April, 1993. By August, after extensive auditioning, the final lineup was set: Mark on vocals, Tim Bradlee on guitar, Louis Echavarria on drums, and Bill Bronson (Congo-Norvell) on bass.

The band began playing out on a regular basis in September '93 to coincide with the release of their 5-song CD. As word spread about the energy and insanity of their shows, the Spitters quickly developed a rabid following. In the fall of that year, the Spitters recorded their full-length CD, Give, produced by Jim Waters and followed with a tour of the South and Midwest with Cop Shoot Cop. Give was released a year late (Dec. '94) and a dollar short. No tour support and a lack of distribution turned Give into an instant collector's item. This highly sought-after record is more or less unavailable.

In the meantime, the Spitters went on a songwriting spree and recorded seven demos at Jerry Teel's Funhouse Studio in August of '94. One of these songs will appear on the new Chemical Imbalance compilation CD. On the strength of these demos and their now infamous, brutally honest live shows, the band was picked up by PCP Entertainment. The resulting new album, Sun To Sun, was produced by long-time live sound mixer Roy Mayorga (Thorn), who has also recently remixed tracks for Sepultura and Fear Factory.

The Spitters Discography

The Spitters EP/CD (Funky Mushroom, 9/93)
Give LP/CD (Funky Rushroom, 12/94)
Strange CD (Riot/No Trousers comp, 12/94)
Sacral Pump CD (Chem. Imb. comp, 1/95
Sun To Sun LP/CD (PCP Entertainment, 12/95)

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